Half Bath Makeover for Under $100

If you can’t tell, we have been busy with projects lately. We got an itch to get stuff done and we are doing it, man!

Next on our list was our half bath downstairs. It’s a decent size, but I had no idea how to style it and what to do with that space. It was just awkward.

See what I mean? Okay, well we set out to change it and transform that dark, awkward room into this..

DSC_0003 (2)

  • Quart of Sherwin Williams – Blue Mystery Paint $14
  • Shelf – Hobby Lobby $12
  • Man & Woman Figures – Hobby Lobby $13
  • Choose Happiness Sign – Kirkland $24
  • Rug – Target $20

That totals: $83!

You may need some more supplies like a roller, paint tray, brush, tape, drop cloth. You can still get all of those things and give your bath a face lift for under $100! OR if you have all of that, great, you did it in even less, way to go!


How to Transform your IKEA Coffee Table

Like I said, we’ve been on a DIY kick lately. Mainly because we want to make our house look the best it can be and also because we don’t have a million dollars to do it. So, we are working with what we have and a small budget to make some BIG changes!

We had an IKEA coffee table that went from this – to this!


  • Electric Sander
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint
  • 6 Thin Common Wood Planks (found at Lowes) and cut to size
  • Minwax Stain (Fruitwood is what we used – matches the floating shelves we did in the living room)
  • Polyurethane
  • Mask
  • Spray Adhesive


  1. Start by wiping off the table with a dry cloth and getting ready to sand
  2. Sand the table with the electric sander (this will save you SO much time)


3. Wipe the table down with damp cloth/paper towel until there is no more dust from sanding.

4. Now the table is ready for you to paint! You can choose to stop the project right here if you want and just repaint the table any color you want! OR you can keep going to get the wood tabletop on top! (Note: If you are doing the wood top, DO NOT paint the top of the table)

IMG_41455. Sand any rough spots on the planks and wipe down any dust

6. Stain the planks, allow enough time to completely dry (in addition to drying between coats).

7. Read the instructions very carefully for the spray-on adhesive. You have to act fast, hence no pictures for this process (sorry). Essentially you have to:


  • Spray the top of the table with the adhesive
  • Spray the bottom of the planks with the adhesive – you only have 1-2 minutes while the adhesive sets for the ideal tackiness before applying the two together
  •  Carefully and quickly, place one plank on the top of the table at a time until the whole table top is covered
  • Place necessary weight on top of the table to reduce any bowing, gaps in the planks.
  • It will be dry in 10 minutes



If you’re like us, just scramble to find any and everything that has weight to it, like our kitchen plates… (a perfect moment where we both shook our heads and laughed at ourselves)


8. Apply polyurethane coats all over the table (both tabletop and painted areas). Allow to dry completely and you’re done! Enjoy your “New” table!

DIY Floating Shelves

Our living room needed a change, it seemed dark, small, and so much wasted space. So, we decided to give our living room a make over with floating shelves! My husband’s taste is very modern and industrial, mine is very farmhouse/ traditional. So industrial farmhouse it is!

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How Wheat it is to Eat Gluten Again!

You guys, my life changed forever this past weekend!img_1795

For the past five years I have struggled with gluten intolerance, or so I thought. After going to the doctor and lots of tests I was told to go on a gluten free diet. That helped for awhile and then things got bad again. At this point it was too late for testing to find out if I was Celiac (you have to have it in your system and knowing that’s what was making me so sick I wasn’t willing to go through with testing). 

So I had been on a very strict gluten free diet for five years. It’s gotten pretty easy for me actually, I haven’t minded it after I got used to it.

Then this past year all my GI problems were back and worse than ever. Constantly sick (diarrhea, throwing up, abdominal pain), after more testing we discovered it was my gallbladder. I didn’t have any gallstones but the organ was barely functioning. This was what was causing all these systems for the past five years! My gallbladder was slowly dying and no one knew. Celiac disease actually mimics that of gallbladder disease, so this whole time we all thought I couldn’t eat gluten when it was just my gallbladder not liking me.

Seven weeks after my gallbladder removal I was able to try my first bite of gluten in five years. My anxiety that day was through the freaking roof. I had my husband trick me wth pretzels. I know, sounds ridiculous but I got one bag of GF pretzels and one bag of regular pretzels. Every 20 mins I asked him to give me one (not telling me if it was gf or not). You see, I didn’t want to know which one was the regular one because if I was going to be sick I didn’t want it to be in my head.

Turned out it didn’t matter because even though my husband had tried them both and said they tasted the same, I totally knew. I knew the second I bit down. Oh well, because it turned out an hour after I ate it I felt okay! Some stomach grumbles and a little cramping, but I wasn’t rushing to the bathroom!

This was huge! In the past if I ate gluten within 20-30 minutes I would know. Terrible abdominal pain and instant diarrhea and vomiting (for hours). It was awful. But an hour into this test and that’s all I felt then I’m considering it a win!!

When the 24 hour mark hit and I hadn’t been sick we could officially call this first try as success! Next Friday I will try two bites of something… fighters crossed it goes just as well!! Slowly building my tolerance back up; cannot wait for real beer and real bread! 

Thank you to everyone who has helped me along this journey. It’s been a long one and I’m sure at times annoying/difficult for my friends and family and I thank you for your support! Hopefully someday soon I’ll be able to eat normal meals again! 

Enough With Being Busy

I’ve read a few books in the last six months, that all tend to have the same theme… SLOW DOWN and enjoy life.

We are all so busy all the time that we are literally watching our lives pass before us, but hey, at least that check list is checked!

I have absolutely no room to talk, I have always been a busy bee type person. To this day, I keep a list on the weekends of what I would like to accomplish. When my house is clean, meals are prepped, and errands run, I feel successful, accomplished, but also empty. I’m missing out on the sweet moments.


These are the sweet moments: wine in hand, enjoying the beautiful evening, and watching my man and my puppy play 🙂

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