Flagstaff, AZ

The week of Christmas, Ryan and I decided we needed to get away, even if it was just for the day, we needed an escape. A short 2 hour drive away was Flagstaff, AZ… a place that had been mentioned constantly to us since we moved to Arizona a year before. Here is our day trip…

We arrived in town around 11:15 and walked around the cute Historic Downtown Flagstaff for a bit before lunch… talk about picture perfect small town, winter feeling, Christmas mood town!

We stopped in a local shop to ask for a recommendation for lunch and a drink where we were sent to Diablo Burger. Me oh my, we are so glad we asked for that recommendation! It was delicious! (YAY for one coming to Phoenix soon!)

dbLogo4339715_SeQh6AptqphErnf94kL3COL2joKV6WgBOZSznoaRX8sWe ended our day with a trip up to Snowbowl. “Since 1938, Snowbowl has been the best destination in the state for skiing and snowboarding since the sport’s arrival in Flagstaff in the early 1900’s.” Neither Ryan or I know how to ski, but it sure was fun to watch everyone else there glide down the mountain! We hope we can make another trip sometime this winter to to enter into their ski school so we can learn!


It was one quick day, but it was a perfect one-day adventure! Flagstaff – Snowbowl, until next time!


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