What We Need To Do Now – Together

No matter who you were voting for this election, we can all agree it was an election we will never forget.

I have never been fully invested in politics until this election. It was unlike any election that has ever been held. I did not agree with either candidate at times, but over politics, my issues were with character.

We are fortunate enough to live in a country where we can make a difference in our lives and the lives of our future children. My heart is sad today because as a Nation we have chosen a man who I believe is not a role model for the children of this Nation and future children who will grow up to know Trump is/was President.

Our country is moving forward in equality in so many different areas. Gay marriage, transgender rights, and trying to bridge the ongoing gap of racial and religious inequality. I do not believe these things will continue to move forward with a man such as Trump in the Oval Office. Thinking of the things he has said/done (just in this election alone), puts a lump in my throat and scares me. Our children/future children hear these things. Having a leader who thinks those things are okay to say/do shows these children that it’s acceptable, and it’s not.

My fears and heavy heart aside, we have to rally. We have to stand together and unite under this bizarre election and hold hands as Americans. Whether you won or lost in this election the outcome still stands and we must stand as one. We have to learn how to move forward as a Nation and it all starts at home. It starts with how we raise our children. It starts by respecting others as you would like to be treated, it starts with having faith and hope; it starts with prayer. It starts with teaching our children equality among all people of different races, ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds. Teaching them how to love each other and not tear them down.

I’m not willing to wait on Washington to continue moving forward, nor should we rely on Washington to do that. It needs to start with all of us as individuals. We need to pick ourselves up, have a cup of coffee this Wednesday morning, and work… hard. We need to thank and appreciate each other. We need to show our children how to love and respect each other and teach them to include others. We need to put it upon ourselves to move our country forward.


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