How to Transform your IKEA Coffee Table

Like I said, we’ve been on a DIY kick lately. Mainly because we want to make our house look the best it can be and also because we don’t have a million dollars to do it. So, we are working with what we have and a small budget to make some BIG changes!

We had an IKEA coffee table that went from this – to this!

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DIY Floating Shelves

Our living room needed a change, it seemed dark, small, and so much wasted space. So, we decided to give our living room a make over with floating shelves! My husband’s taste is very modern and industrial, mine is very farmhouse/ traditional. So industrial farmhouse it is!

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How Wheat it is to Eat Gluten Again!

You guys, my life changed forever this past weekend!img_1795

For the past five years I have struggled with gluten intolerance, or so I thought. After going to the doctor and lots of tests I was told to go on a gluten free diet. That helped for awhile and then things got bad again. At this point it was too late for testing to find out if I was Celiac (you have to have it in your system and knowing that’s what was making me so sick I wasn’t willing to go through with testing). 

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Enough With Being Busy

I’ve read a few books in the last six months, that all tend to have the same theme… SLOW DOWN and enjoy life.

We are all so busy all the time that we are literally watching our lives pass before us, but hey, at least that check list is checked!

I have absolutely no room to talk, I have always been a busy bee type person. To this day, I keep a list on the weekends of what I would like to accomplish. When my house is clean, meals are prepped, and errands run, I feel successful, accomplished, but also empty. I’m missing out on the sweet moments.


These are the sweet moments: wine in hand, enjoying the beautiful evening, and watching my man and my puppy play 🙂

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Organizing your Junk Drawer

The junk drawer… the thing in the kitchen that overflows way too quickly with, well let’s face it, crap.

A million pens that you’ll never use, rubber bands, flashlights, batteries, coupons, and Lord knows what else. It’s a battle that will always be, but it doesn’t have to get so bad.

Here are some ways we have simplified our junk drawer and kept it that way.

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