My High-Risk Pregnancy & What Got Me Through Each Trimester

Now that I’m only 4 weeks away from welcoming our baby into this world, I guess it’s time I finally posted my survival guides for each trimester during my high risk pregnancy, ha! That pregnancy brain thing is real people!

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Why am I high-risk? That’s because I have a heart condition, a tachycardia (meaning my heart beats way faster than it’s supposed to sometimes).

Remember, every woman and every pregnancy is different.

I was/am a high-risk pregnancy, but most of my symptoms are typical of an average pregnancy. Here are some things I experienced and what helped, hopefully it’ll help you too! I’ve put all three trimesters in this one post, so although longer, it’s a one stop shop for ya.

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Half Bath Makeover for Under $100

If you can’t tell, we have been busy with projects lately. We got an itch to get stuff done and we are doing it, man!

Next on our list was our half bath downstairs. It’s a decent size, but I had no idea how to style it and what to do with that space. It was just awkward.

See what I mean? Okay, well we set out to change it and transform that dark, awkward room into this..

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DIY Floating Shelves

Our living room needed a change, it seemed dark, small, and so much wasted space. So, we decided to give our living room a make over with floating shelves! My husband’s taste is very modern and industrial, mine is very farmhouse/ traditional. So industrial farmhouse it is!

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How Wheat it is to Eat Gluten Again!

You guys, my life changed forever this past weekend!img_1795

For the past five years I have struggled with gluten intolerance, or so I thought. After going to the doctor and lots of tests I was told to go on a gluten free diet. That helped for awhile and then things got bad again. At this point it was too late for testing to find out if I was Celiac (you have to have it in your system and knowing that’s what was making me so sick I wasn’t willing to go through with testing). 

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