Organizing your Junk Drawer

The junk drawer… the thing in the kitchen that overflows way too quickly with, well let’s face it, crap.

A million pens that you’ll never use, rubber bands, flashlights, batteries, coupons, and Lord knows what else. It’s a battle that will always be, but it doesn’t have to get so bad.

Here are some ways we have simplified our junk drawer and kept it that way.

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Remedies to an Easier Home Recovery After Surgery

Prior to my gallbladder removal surgery I tried to prep my house and family the best way I could that would give all of us an easier time while I was out. 

For starters I used a simple plastic container and filled it will all the medicine the docs had given me. Then I took some plain index cards and wrote a day of the week on each card. Now when my husband or Mom gave me my medicine, they would write down when I had it last and we would know when my next dose is due. This was crucial! You think you’ll remember, but you don’t! 

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How to Make Your Banister Look Like New

So, our puppy (Fisher) who I always talk so highly about, destroyed our banister on our stairs while we were away on vacation. We had wonderful people taking care of him, but I guess he was a little upset that Mom and Dad were gone so long.

We came home to this and much more (far left picture). By the end of this post you’ll see how we transformed it to look like this (far right picture)

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